Financial Aid

Bio Med Master's Programs

Our office can help students navigate through the complexities of financing their education with federal and private loans.

The Warren Alpert Medical School (AMS) Office of Financial Aid can assist students who may not have the financial resources to meet the full cost of completing their Master’s Program. We can help students navigate through the process of financing their education with federal and private loans.  

We encourage students to prepare a budget to manage educational and living expenses and live as frugally as possible during this time to minimize borrowing.

Students are able to finance all of their program costs by borrowing through two types of federal loans, the Unsubsidized Direct Loan and the Graduate PLUS Loan.  The first step in securing federal loan funding is to complete the FAFSA providing prior-prior year income and present-day asset and household information. Because Graduate students are considered to be Independent of parents by the federal government when applying for federal loans, you need only complete the FAFSA with your own income and asset information. 

Be sure to use the Alpert Medical School's code for the FAFSA which is E00059.

FAFSA  Application

The cost of attendance for the Masters Programs that are administered by the AMS Office of Financial Aid can be found on our Cost of Attendance and Budgeting webpage.   The updated cost of attendance for all Master’s Programs are available in early April.

The cost of attendance will provide an example and estimate of the expenses you will incur while enrolled in your program.  This includes the tuition and fees charged by Brown University, programmatic fees and estimated living expenses for the months in which you are enrolled in coursework.    

2021-2022 Cost of Attendance