Financial Aid

Time Away "ASP/LOA"

Time Away Status and Financial Aid (Academic Scholars Program and Leave of Absence)

Students are generally only eligible for aid during periods of enrollment for which they are being charged tuition unless they are repeating an entire semester for academic reasons. In this case, aid can be offered for other living expenses.

During approved periods of Academic Scholars Program (ASP), students are considered to be enrolled full-time, however they pay only a fraction of the tuition, 1/40 the of the semester’s tuition rate. For this reason, students are not eligible for AMS scholarships and AMS loans during ASP enrollment. They may however be considered for federal loan funding upon request to help with tuition and fees charges and living expenses.

When students are authorized to take a leave of absence, they are separated from the University, recorded by the Registrar as not enrolled. Therefore, they are not eligible for financial aid during periods of leave. If the student has borrowed federal loans and their leave status extends beyond six months, the student may be required to begin the loan repayment process. Note that even though the student may be prompted to start the repayment process, because their income is usually low, they will most likely have a very low monthly payment figure or even a zero required monthly payment.

It is best to consult with a member of the OFA staff if you have borrowed federal loans and are considering a leave of absence.