Financial Aid

MD Program

Our guide and financial overview for applying for aid in the MD Program.

Applying for financial aid begins with completing the FAFSA.  This core document is required when applying for both AMS need-based aid and federal loans.  First, decide if you will apply for only federal loans or if would like to apply for AMS need based aid in addition to federal loans.  Please begin the application process and submit documents to our office by March 1.

Application Timeline

  • October 1: 2022-2023 FAFSA available using 2020 income and tax information
  • December 15: Applications available on AMS financial aid website
  • February 16: Last day to submit FAFSA (E00059) for downloading by March 1
  • March 1: Deadline for AMS aid applications to be received in our office
  • Late April: Financial aid package released to students who applied by March 1

Applying for Need-Based Aid and Federal Loans

2022-2023 FAFSA

2022-2023 Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through the Department of Education and must include:

  • Student (and spousal) information along with parental information
  • Present day household and asset data for student and parents
  • 2020 income and tax data for student and parents
  • Transmit using IRS Data Retrieval

2022-2023 documents to upload into Brown University 's Self-Service Banner (SSB) using Navigating SSB guide:

  • AMS Aid Application
  • 2020 Student and (spousal) signed federal tax return (with schedules 1, C and E, if filed)
  • 2020 Student (and spousal) W2s, 1099 forms OR 2020 Student Non-Filer form if student not required to file tax return
  • 2020 Parents signed federal tax return (with schedules 1, C and E, if filed)
  • 2020 Parent W2s, 1099 forms or 2020 Parent Non-Filer form if parent not required to file tax returns
  • Special Circumstances -- if you or your parent(s) experienced significant changes to your financial situation or there are unusual circumstances

If parents do not file a federal tax return together, please provide the following for your other parent:

  • 2020 Parents signed federal tax return
  • 2020 Parents W2s, 1099 form

Please review our Financial Aid Guide and Financial Overview for New Students documents to assist in the financial aid process. 

Financial Aid Guide

Financial Overview for New Students