Financial Aid

Accessing Your Student Record

A helpful portal to keep track of your information during the application process.

To navigate through Self-Service Banner (SSB), please enter secure area with your username and password.

Self-Service Banner (SSB)

The SSB Medical School Students Financial Aid tab houses application requirements, personalized COA budget, annual financial aid package, and link to upload documents.

We have created a helpful guide to assist you in navigating the Self-Service Banner (SSB) site.

Navigating the Self-Service Banner (SSB)

Upload Helpful Hints

  • Submitted forms need to be in pdf format.  Fill out forms, save on personal computer as pdf; then upload saved form via SSB.  Do not include extra periods in the file name; myFile.pdf, for example.
  • Another option is the app, Scannable/Evernote, where you can transform documents into scans with your mobile device and save as a pdf.
  • Scan in black and white at a low resolution (200-300 dpi).
  • AMS library has scanners and step-by-step instructions.
  • SSB is interactive and document status changes take up to 3 business days for processing.  
  • A "P" indicates the document is pending.  Example: a W2 will be in "P" status until TAX is approved.
  • An "I" indicates submitted document is incomplete.  Example: a missing signature or information is still needed.

SSB Student Account tab details University billing, payments and refunds to your account. Account Detail for Term and Statement and Payment History selections contain valuable information.

Annually, update your personal information in the SSB Personal Information tab. Update addresses, emergency contacts, cell phone numbers for emergency messages, marital status and other pertinent information.