Financial Aid


The Office of Financial Aid works closely with students to identify funding sources and provide individualized counseling.

The determination of need is actually a simple calculation. We first build your budget, Cost of Attendance (COA). This includes an estimated guide for yearly living expenses in addition to tuition and fees paid to Brown. So, the formula looks like this:

Cost of Attendance - Family Contribution = Need

If you apply for AMS institutional and federal aid, a contribution from both you (and your spouse, if applicable) and your parent(s) are displayed on your aid notification letter. The threshold to qualify for AMS aid is determined both by your COA and assessed family contribution.  

If you apply for federal aid only (Direct Unsub and Grad PLUS loans) we calculate a contribution from you (and your spouse, if applicable) based upon your income and asset information before determining your financial need. Parental information is not considered.

Regardless of whether you apply for institutional or federal aid, your aid notification letter displays the amounts for which you are eligible. Aid notification letters are ready for students in late April for those who have applied by March 1. Late filing may jeopardize receipt of institutional aid. Your aid package will consist of one or more of the following:

AMS Scholarships and Loans

AMS scholarships and loans are funding from The Warren Alpert Medical School sources.  Need is first met with a combination of loans called the base loan (which includes Direct Unsubsidized loans and AMS loan funds).  All remaining need is met with AMS scholarship. AMS aid, therefore, includes the following:

Federal Loans

Students may apply to borrow two types of federal loans by completing the FAFSA with prior-prior year income and present day asset and household information. Available federal loans for medical students up to the Cost of Attendance consist of:

Entrance counseling and Master Promissory Notes must be completed for each type of federal loan when you are a first time borrower with Brown University. These loan requirements remain valid up to 10 years.

Private Loans

We have recently added a private loan marketplace, Fast Choice, comprised of private commercial lenders for the purpose of financing medical school costs in conjunction with Brown University.  Please visit the Fast Choice website for private loan comparisons.  Consider discussing your options with us prior to accepting your loans.  Loans available are:

  • Fixed and Variable interest rate loans for medical school years 
  • Residency and Relocation Loans for fourth year medical student costs

You may view your aid package and make borrowing decisions online by accessing your student account at the Self-Service Banner (SSB). You will be asked to decline any loans or loan amount that you are not interested in borrowing. Please note that once you have made your borrowing decisions in Self-Service Banner, any changes to loans that you want to make throughout the academic year must be communicated to the Financial Aid office. 

Please review our Aid Notification Guide, which describes how an aid package is determined, components of the aid package, loan processing and disbursement dates, billing schedule, and refunds.

Aid Notification Guide